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Meet Francesca!

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Designer Francesca Rizzo

“Art That Adorns Your Walls - Adorns Your Days"”


Francesca Rizzo is an award-winning multi-media artist, born in Westfield, New Jersey who migrated to Manhattan for 25 years and then, in 2001, moved back to Rahway. Now she keeps a foot in each state as she spreads her creativity around a variety of mediums, from theatre and film to fine art and interior design.


"I've always felt that an artful environment can inspire and delight your life," says Francesca, "So when I was asked to design a series of extended day apartments from scratch - I knew that they would have to be very different from all those beige corporate suites I've always associated with short term rentals."   

Her specialty is in creating "art & design for life", be it instant interiors, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or custom fine and digital art. Her mission is to make you feel delighted and welcome the minute your walk into the door.

Since the building was located in Rahway's flourishing Arts District, Francesca suggested going with an "art hotel" approach and naming it the "The Rahway Arts Apartments" to differentiate the homes from the usual fare. Then she set about picking fun colors, finding furniture and decorative accessories, mixing Bespoke custom vintage with brand-new modern pieces.

"I created most of the art myself, based on images of Rahway in all its natural beauty, architecture and history. Some of the spaces have murals I painted, custom posters, original photographs - down to various glazes and decoupage finishes." 

Along with the decor, Francesca hand-picks the bed linens, bath towels, cookware, dinnerware, silverware and glassware. She always includes a home office area, an entertainment area, and, most importantly, plenty of storage solutions! 


"I'm acutely aware of how disconcerting it can be when you're living away from home, so I always focus on what I would need if I only brought my toothbrush and clothes. That's why I try to find as many storage spaces as possible, hangers galore and plenty of bins and hooks to catch all your stray stuff."  


When she's not in NYC performing or making a film, Francesca is usually on-hand to replace missing pieces, refresh linens and spruce up your new home in time for your arrival. Plus, she'll be there to greet you and show you around your new home.  Francesca is such a busy gal, she even built and maintains this website!